The reasons why babies are known to turn their head down during the tenure of pregnancy? Once you go on touch 32 weeks of pregnanc...

Different Head Down Position for The Baby

The reasons why babies are known to turn their head down during the tenure of pregnancy?

Once you go on touch 32 weeks of pregnancy the head of the baby faces up to the birth canal. It was pretty easy till this point to achieve a different head down position for the baby. This is referred to as cephalic presentation as there was a lot of space in the uterus. There are some babies who go on to turn their position much later and this could be even before a few minutes before delivery. This movement that takes place from the fetus to the stage of cephalic presentation goes by the name of lightening.

Why the head down baby position really appears to be important?

If the head emerges first the entire procedure of delivery would be a smooth one.

Let us now figure out the various types of cephalic presentation.

Vertex presentation
This does appear to be the most popular configuration in singletons. The back of the baby usually would face the tummy and the face is going to stand out towards the spine. You could term it as an easy position for birth as the baby lines up in a manner that they can fit through the pelvis easily. The chances are high that the head of the baby could be tilted towards the side. But this is not going to be an issue.

Face presentation
If the face becomes the extended part and not the head you get such a type of presentation. This type of presentation does account for less than 1 % of total type of births and is more in the case of premature babies.  If the face presentation is uncomplicated the duration of delivery would not be subject to any alteration.

Brow presentation
This appears when the head or the neck of your little one stands extended as if it may seem that the baby is looking up. Mostly in the case of post mature babies you come across such a situation.
How you can get your baby to a head down position?

By week 36 if the baby does not get into an appropriate position, a series of steps are there which would enable them to change position. Hereby are a few tips that would enable your baby to be in head down position.
• Alter yourself into a changing position of sitting. The pelvis should move forward when you are sitting so that the knees would never seem to be higher than the hips. This would enable your baby to get down into an anterior position with relative ease.
• Do get into a comfortable position and scrub the floor. When one is on all the fours it does become easy for the baby to change position right in front of the belly.
• When you are sitting in a car use a cushion so that the legs come under your hips
• When you are sleeping there is no need to worry about an in appropriate position. Sleep on the left side.