Yes! Absolutely, digital screen protection glasses are worth every penny of your investment. These new advanced glasses are a great...

Are digital screen protection glasses worth it?

Yes! Absolutely, digital screen protection glasses are worth every penny of your investment. These new advanced glasses are a great need in our modern lifestyle that requires a mode of shield to protect ourselves from excessive use of technology. From young kids to adults, we spend most of our time gazing off the computer screens or smartphones either for work or entertainment, but regular use of these digital devices has led to harmful side effects on our lifestyle. A little bit of fun and consumption of digital devices has done no one harm but when you frequently use them then they start to hit you with their bad effects. What happens when we constantly use digital devices and how does it impact our eyes? Read on to find out and the solution that saves you from them.

What happens by regular digital devices consumption?

This digital era has converted several types of our work to be completely dependent on computers and smartphones and that causes us to use them for more hours. Most of us work for at least 6 to 8 hours on computers for a daily office job and others rely on digital devices for entertainment or surfing the web. The constant use of computers and laptops cause an alteration in our eyes by making them dry, exhausted and developing headaches. It completely affects our sleeping habit and causes the risk of developing macular degeneration. Blue light rays are responsible for this phenomenon as they are continuously emitted from computers and other digital devices. 

What are Blue lights and how does it influence our eyesight?

Blue light is present everywhere but mostly exposed to us from the sun and digital devices. Blue light rays are short wavelength and high energy rays. The most harmful and everyday exposure of blue light rays are released from our computers, laptops, iPods and smartphones. A recent study also proved that blue light rays are responsible for damaging our vision and recommend avoiding staring at cell phones and laptops in the dark unless a protective eyewear. 

Blue light rays directly penetrate in the retina of our eyes as our eyes cannot block or reflect it. We tend to absorb blue light rays regularly and that leads into blurry vision, eyestrain, headaches and dry eye syndrome. For most of us, blue light rays also change our sleeping pattern by suppressing the production of the sleep-inducing hormone called melatonin. When melatonin is not discharged, we stay awake at night for longer hours, looking tired and unmotivated during daytime affecting our productivity.

What’s the Solution from Blue light rays?

Digital Screen Protection Glasses- Your Shielding Weapon

Digital screen protection glasses are also called blue light glasses. Digital blue light glasses lens is coated with anti-reflective that are designed to reduce glare and reflect blue light away from the lens ensuring eye protection. These glasses are important to get rid of eyestrain and headaches that we face while using the computer at night. These glasses eliminate the adverse side effects of blue light rays and protect your eyes by keeping it safe and healthy. We all need digital glasses whether we have a prescription or not as they are available in both. Digital screen protection lens glasses are designed in both prescription and non-prescription mode so we all can stay safe from blue light rays. 

Benefits of Digital Screen Protection Glasses
  • Here are the positive outcomes of using glasses for digital screen protection in our lifestyle:
  • Reduced Sleep Disruption
  • Eradicate Eyestrain and dry eye
  • No sign of Headaches 
  • Blocks 99% Blue light rays
  • Great Fashion Accessory

Where to get Digital Screen Protection Glasses Online?

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