In India, cricket is considered a religion, not just a game. With a huge cricket fandom in our country, online fantasy cricket has als...

Fantasy Cricket IPL Contest: Play Cricket league online & Win money prizes

In India, cricket is considered a religion, not just a game. With a huge cricket fandom in our country, online fantasy cricket has also become a big thing in recent years. So many people are intrigued to play this online game while winning amazing cash prizes, as well as fan merchandise. 

How to play?

Even you can play fantasy cricket IPL and win a lot of cash prizes. You simply need to register on a reputed online fantasy cricket app or website. Once you are registered, you will be open for the gaming challenges and inviting your friends to play the game. 

First of all, you need to form a fantasy virtual cricket team of your favourite 11 players. These 11 players will play for you in the entire IPL season; however, you may change their order as you like. After selecting the team, you can play matches. Each match will be played based on certain factors like match result, the best bowler and the best batsman. 

You need to save your combination and can also challenge other online fans who already have made their combinations. You will start winning points based on your spot-on prediction about the game that will be played on the real ground. To be the ultimate winner, you must have the knowledge of cricket and performances of cricketers. 

How you win a cash prize?

If you have predicted the right result of the match, you will score three points. If your selected batsman has played well, you’ll score five points for that. And, if your chosen bowler has played well, you score four points for that. Therefore, your decision to select the right batsmen and bowlers for your team is crucial. You can earn a total 42 points per match, provided your predictions are right. 

The fantasy league cricket is a fun game in which you can test your wisdom over the cricket. You can even invite your friends to play the game and find out who scores the best. It is as intense as the game of the Indian Premier League (IPL).

Reasons why online fantasy cricket is becoming popular: 

Here are some reasons why this online game is loved by many cricket fans: 

1. Online Platform: Unlike conventional games, it is an online platform and can be played from the comfort of your couch or bed. Everyone has a Smartphone nowadays so why not put it into some good use for playing and winning cash prizes at the same time. 

2. Increased user engagement: Just like online rummy websites in India, online fantasy cricket also has increased user engagement due to its convenience of use. Due to increased work pressure, people even need some source to unwind and relax. Such online games offer them a platform for entertainment while winning prized give a kick to the user.

3. You can build a dream team: Unlike the real cricket, this online version allows you to form your own dream team. You can select players of your choice to form a team and play for you. If they perform well, Viola! You’ll earn more points per match.

4. Legal to play: Skill games that need your wisdom and prediction ability are legal to be played online in India. Even putting your money on such games is not illegal in our country. Therefore, people are freely enjoying these games without any concerns. 

5. Monetary rewards motivate people: The increasing number of monetary rewards on online games is the vital reasons why most gamers are always glued to their Smartphone screens. The money involvement makes the game more interesting and motivates people to invest and win additional amount on every right prediction.