What is Hemp Oil?  The first thing you need to know is that there are many different types and kinds of Cannabis plants. Hemp is n...

Hemp Oil Legal Secrets You Never Knew

What is Hemp Oil? 

The first thing you need to know is that there are many different types and kinds of Cannabis plants. Hemp is not the same as Marijuana! Many may find this hard to understand or believe but Hemp is actually a cousin of Marijuana. Both are derived from Cannabis plants, but they yield very chemically different plants. Hemp grows with lower levels of THC (the ingredient associated with getting people high) and higher levels of CBD. CBD or Cannabinoids have been found to have effects on the system resulting in therapeutic outcomes such as a decrease in pain, decrease in inflammations, decrease in anxiety, reduction in chronic stress, lowering of blood sugars, reduction in appetite, boost to the endocrine system, anti-acne when introduced in a cream form, and antidepressant. 

The removal of the Cannabinoids or CBD from the hemp plant can also lead to a varying outcome. Two methods can be used to extract CBD from the plant: broken down and extraction via solvents or removal with use of high levels of CO2 and extreme cold. The cheaper method using solvents is thought to potentially degrade the CBD levels as well as add potentially counter active agents to the oil, but is easier and cheaper to utilize. The use of CO2 and extreme cold is far more expensive and takes more time, but as the CO2 warms after extraction it evaporates off leaving a more pure oil free of the agents solvents leave behind. All this can alert the levels of THC and CBD found in Hemp oils and are important to know when looking at Hemp Oils. It can also be removed from the plants into an oil or powder form for use in a variety of products in order for it to be FunctionalRemedies. 

Is Hemp Oil Legal?

CBD levels can vary widely depending on the manufacturer of the oil. It can start of with anywhere from 250mg all the way to around 1,000 mg per fluid ounce. It is important to note what your bottle says in order to figure out what your concentration will be as currently industry standards vary. While the level of CBD in your oil can vary largely with no effects on if the oil is legal only effects on it's potency the level of THC is very important. Only when found to have THC levels of 0.3% is Hemp Oil Legal. This means that it will not get you high. Not only are higher levels of THC illegal, but they point to the possibility that your hemp oil was contaminated by marijuana. Making sure you know and understand how your hemp oil was processed and the levels of THC and CBD it contains is paramount to understanding if your Hemp Oil is legal or not. Since, Hemp plants produce low levels of THC anyway it would be wise to question a Hemp Oil with high levels of THC for purity. Higher levels of THC may reduce the benefits of the Hemp Oil as they may counter the therapeutic properties such as appetite reduction. These High levels of THC may not only put the question of legality of the oil into play but if it is still able to be considered a FunctionalRemedies when used.