The Diwali gifts we send would be the beautiful modes of affection and love. We can enhance the feel of delight conveyed through the D...

Most Surprising Diwali Gift Ideas That Would Be Remembered For Years Ahead

The Diwali gifts we send would be the beautiful modes of affection and love. We can enhance the feel of delight conveyed through the Diwali gifts we send being a bit choosy while selecting the gift idea. The unpredictable sort of gifts with a ‘Wow!’ factor, could not only add smiles, but also make the loved ones feel emotionally connected with us. The online gifts shopping portals offer some gift ideas that blend the tradition of celebrating the festival of lights with a rare sense of modernity.

Here are some ‘offbeat’ kinds of Diwali gifts online to impress the loved ones:

Try All Cocktail Mix:

This gift combination is one of the most unique Diwali gift idea as it breaks the trend of typical Indian sweets and lets the special friends enjoy the non-alcoholic cocktails. This is the exclusive package of mind-blowing flavors such as Margarita, Cosmopolitan, Mojito& Bloody Mary. This combination of cocktails would take the Diwali celebration to the peak for sure.

Signature Handmade Soap Gift Box:

The soothing and refreshing hot bath after an oil massage has a great significance during the Diwali season. This gift box has the combination of various fragrances of soaps handmade out of natural ingredients such as raspberry, mint, lime, and jasmine that last for about 3 years from the date of manufacturing. This gift box adds glamor to the Diwali celebration, enhancing the bathing experience.

Love Heart Pop Up Card:

This is a surprising way of greeting the beloved partner on the special occasion of Diwali. This greeting card has the special feature that leaves the receiving partner absolutely stunned. As the card is opened, the beautiful red hearts would pop up from it. This gesture can bring a wide smile of surprise on the face of the beloved wife or girlfriend on a festive occasion.

Doodle It Yourself, Bottle Lamp:

Diwali is energetically celebrated as the festival of lights. This DIY lap gift adds glamor to the occasion through the unique concept. The glossy bottle lamp inserted with an LED lamp through the base can be added with any desired doodle image or text by the receiving person or family. This can be a marvelous Diwali gift that encourages the loved ones to be creative.

Personalized Cube Lamp:

This acrylic cube inserted with LED lamp would be printed with the beautiful family or couple photographs of the receiving families and special friends. So, this cube lamp would enlighten their own memories in the most spectacular way during the celebrations of the festival of lights. This can be a memorable Diwali surprise for the people close to our heart.