Being a businessperson, you may wonder how an online tool could run effectively in managing your business activities and your employee...

What Magic Does The Online Do?

Being a businessperson, you may wonder how an online tool could run effectively in managing your business activities and your employees. Developing an e-learning module is a difficult task but the fruits are very sweet as your learns to love to learn the concepts when they scroll their mouse which links them to the video lessons.

In the modern era, several online e-learning tools have been developed after the remarkable footmarks of Tim Berners Lee. With the gifts of the internet, inventions are improved day by day helping you throughout your business. 

The top e-learning tools are listed below:

Google calendar: This amazing online tool was designed to help you in managing your day to day business operations without a collapse. A Google calendar could be easily installed in the mobile phones and to your personal computers which helps you to send notifications to your employees. When your employee reaches your office, you could assign him the tasks with the allotted date and time via the Google calendar. This enhances the production of your company along with the smooth takeover of your business needs.

Mural: Mural is an interactive e-learning tool which allows your employees to learn the about the project course details. When you come with the new project, your employees will get to know about the duration of the project and the tasks assigned to it via the online tool. Through this online e-learning tool, you could send notifications to your fellow workers on the project work and their deadlines.

How the writers use this tool?
Writers are those people who create an outer beauty to your business and make people love to read on your business articles published in your company websites. Content writing is a developing field and they have the power of converting their imaginary ideas into beautiful words. 

E-learning content authoring is a process by which the content writers develop their contents through specially designed software like HTML5, CSS, and so on and then finally threading it into the online.  By doing this, trainers and learners will feel comfortable in accessing their study materials along with the guiding practices. Some of the content authoring tools are listed below:

iSpring Suite 8.1: With this tool, the learners are able to take their audio and video lessons along with the attractive PowerPoint presentations supported with the help of CSS and HTML web designing languages. This toolkit finds its benefits highly in PowerPoints and slides rather than online Microsoft word or Google documents. The slides move one after the other as soon as the reader completes reading the entire content in one slide. This reduces your time and energy to conduct powerpoint presentations in the classroom.

Articulate Storyline 2: In this sort of e-learning content authoring, in-built templates are used which articulates the content within the template boundaries. Moreover, it takes your content from the notepads and power points and imports them automatically into the existing templates of the software. The best advantage of using this tool is that its easy to use and in addition to it, it saves your time in creating another set of content to be incardinated in the template software. Instead, it automatically copies the existing content previously done by you in the word pad, power point presentations, and the previous Storyline.