Winter is a great time of the year full of festivities and holidays. Everybody loves winter. Whether it is the few extra minutes of sl...


Winter is a great time of the year full of festivities and holidays. Everybody loves winter. Whether it is the few extra minutes of sleep in winter mornings or the elegant Christmas decorations all over the town, winter has its own beauty. Though winter seems absolutely wonderful, the extremely cold weather can damage your skin and hair. Winter can leave you with dry skin, frizzy hair and also dry split ends. It is important to protect your skin and hair by moisturizing it regularly. You can also protect your hair by wearing winter head gear such as beanies and scarves. Here are some great fashionable head gears to rock this winter and keep you feeling warm and comfy.
  1. Woollen caps
Woollen winter caps are one of the best accessories to wear during the cold winter season. Woollen beanies come in various vibrant colours and patterns. There are lovely collections that include pompoms, fur pompoms, multi-coloured wool and various different types of wool as well. Beanies made of alpaca wool are very soft and are very great in quality. Beanies and woollen caps also come in prints that are great. Ombre colour beanies are also look very pretty. There are various patterns available in the market today. You can buy these woollen caps online.
  1. Thermal beanies
Thermal beanies are fleece beanies that are very soft and keep you warm in extremely cold conditions. They come in cute colours and also keep your head warm without suffocating you. A wide variety of fleece beanies are available in the market and also in various online shopping portals.
  1. Slouchy knit beret
A slouchy knit beret is a great winter head gear that you can wear with almost any outfit. Whether it is to college or just a walk to the park, berets are a great choice to complete your outfit as well as keep you warm. Beret also helps protect your hair from the cold winter weather conditions. These are also hand knit and come in various colours and patterns. Some slouchy knit berets also come with buttons to add a charm to your head gear.
  1. Ear muffs
Ear muffs are very cute accessories that can be worn during the winter. They are not caps or hats. They are like headphones that are made of fleece materials to keep you warm. There are various types and patterns available online. They are ideal for children and young adults.
  1. Winter fedora
Woollen fedora hats are a very fashionable choice these days. They come in various colours with lace and leather patterns etc. They are also unisex and hence look great on both men and women. They go very well with semi-formal clothing. They are ideal for brunch and day time events. These winter caps for men and women are available on various online platforms and also in the stores around us.
Using these tips and tricks you can protect your hair and keep you warm during this winter season. You can pair them up with your outfits to add a unique and fashionable touch to your outfits.