Skin tag, also known as acrochordon is a type of a benign tumour that develops mainly in the areas like neck, armpits, face and someti...


Skin tag, also known as acrochordon is a type of a benign tumour that develops mainly in the areas like neck, armpits, face and sometimes on the eyelids too. It is a common skin extension that is primarily harmless and painless. The colour and size of a skin tag can vary with individuals.
It can occur in both men and women, mostly as they grow older, and sometimes these are prominent in the obese peoples. The changes in hormones can also lead to the growth of skin tags, especially in pregnant women. It is hereditary, thus, if your mother or father has this, then there are good chances that you are also going to have it.
These tags are not dangerous initially yet the way they look are annoying so people get these tags removed by their private dermatologist, primarily because of the way they look but largely because they can grow to become cancerous. To avoid this, there is a need to get these treated at the earliest. However, these can be removed by some home remedies also that are on a budget and are useful too.  At times, these skin tags bleed and become painful. In those scenarios, it is advisable not to take the things in your own hands and should consult an experienced dermatologist at the earliest.
here are some treatments through which skin tags can be removed. Some of them are:
Snipping – The dermatologists use the method of snipping where they numb the area first, and then they snip off the skin tag carefully with proper hygiene.
Process of Freezing – The process of freezing is also used to remove these skin tags. In this process the tags are frozen. After some duration they fell on their own. It usually takes 10-14 days. But during this treatment, the surrounding skin can get affected due to the inflammation caused.
Surgical – Another treatment is the surgical one in which the tissues are dried out by passing an electric current into the tissues via a needle-like electrode.
Lasers – Lasers are also used to treat these kinds of skin problems. Laser treatments are considered to be safe, and they are done by giving local anaesthesia.
Burning – Burning off the skin tag is another option which needs to be carried out by an experienced medical expert. In this process, a tool is heated, and then it is carefully applied on the particular skin tag. Once it is done, wait for some time. The tags will fell off on their own.
he treatments available for skin tags can clearly show how dangerous they can become if left untreated or if they get infected. So, it is always advisable to get them treated as early as possible after they develop on your skin with the help of a private dermatologist. It is suggested not to take anything related to the skin lightly as a small problem can grow into a severe one over time.