What do you do with your empty bottle of perfume? Most of you throw the perfume bottle once the aroma ends. In this post, we are shari...

Empty Perfume Bottle: An Effective Way To Decorate Your Home

What do you do with your empty bottle of perfume? Most of you throw the perfume bottle once the aroma ends. In this post, we are sharing some innovative & creative idea for the use of empty perfume bottles for the decoration of the house. If you ever have noticed the perfume bottle, then you have found that these bottles are beautiful and attractive.

These days everyone wants a beautiful looking house for this they spend an enormous amount on the decoration but here are some tips which will enhance the beauty of your home even at no cost. The perfume bottles are of different color, shape, & size which makes them suitable for the decoration. Find the use of empty perfume bottles uses in home decoration.

• Use as Candle Holder

A perfume bottle can turn into a beautiful candle holder places merely a birthday candle in the empty container which completely fits with the perfume bottle so that when the candle lit the wax will drip down the bottle. Once the candle burned out wholly replaced with new one. The wax larger might add some romantic flair to your candle holder. You can use them as an alternative to the tea light in the medication room, or you can also use them on your dining room table for some mealtime ambiance.  

• Use as sun catcher or ornament

Glass bottle with exterior or ridge patter reflects lots of light hence it can be the great sun catcher or ornament. For the tie a decorative string around the neck of the empty fragrance bottle in a loop to create a hanging decoration so that you can hang it on the hook in your window as a beautiful sun catcher.  

• Use as centerpieces for wedding or party

It is most likely used as table decorator. You can mix the old empty bottles of perfume among the vases of various size filled with the flower. Use of empty bottle of perfume in a wedding or party as decorative item provides the classical looks. 

• Use as a home diffuser

Empty fragrance bottle can be used as an effective home freshener. For this, you need to fill half of the perfume bottle with aromatic essential oils or room spray and place some wooden skewer. The oil creeps up the skewer & slowly diffuse a pleasant smell inside your room or home.

This is some effective or innovative way to enhance the beauty or the atmosphere of your house. An empty bottle of fragrance can be used in several ways, and if you think creative, you will get the idea. Hence don't throw the empty bottle of fragrance, instead that keep it and reuse them as a home decorator. These bottles are not only useful in the home decoration but can also be used for various purposes such as toy makeup box for the child, medicine case, and many more.