‘Boho clothing’ according to the industry experts is considered to be a world popular style. This apparel is said to have its origin f...

Boho dresses: Getting to know about its origin

‘Boho clothing’ according to the industry experts is considered to be a world popular style. This apparel is said to have its origin from Indian gypsies during the 1300s, who had to leave India because of difficulties faced at this time. Hence, there can be noticed Indian influenced patterns that has been worked into style. With the gypsies following nomadic culture, this style with time had spread throughout Europe and all over the world. Many Hollywood actors are known to have opted for this more natural style and it has only helped to enhance its popularity all over the world. 

Bohemian bonanza

The fashion world is presently witnessing an increase in the demand for bohemian clothing among younger and middle age women, who are more fashion conscious and want to stay in style. As a matter of fact, the boho chic creation is said to have been characterized by excellent mixture of components that are nomadic people propelled with that of straightforward advanced pieces. This apparel has off lately become a rage in the fashion world and is purchased by women with high passion. Some of the boho apparels that are sold by the reputed online portals include the Bohemian Rendezvous Dress, Full Facet Culottes, Burnt Haze Pants, Spun Sugar Palazzo Pants, Flower Child Embroidered Dress, Abstract Statement Skirt, Subtle Stripe Top, etc. 

Natural and graceful

Today’s fashion is more about retaining the natural style with age old shapes and textures, which are only becoming natural and softer. The bohemian new age pattern is stated to be more about well-structured prints, slimmer outlines and contemporary extras, which either combine perfectly with the current patterns or are able to create their very own statement. 
Emphasis now is laid upon easy styling when compared to elusive ornaments that were noticed in the past. However, experimentation does remain an essential aspect, as boho chic of today is more about common sense. More than extravagance, it is comfort that tends to get much more significant. Irrespective of the style donned, it should appear as it has been put together carelessly and with elusive elegance. 
Boho fashion style

  • Bollywood Desi chic: There are dresses that can be found of knee length, having botanical prints and cinched at waist level with belt or scarf. The short hip ethnic embroidered tunic combined with colourful dupatta and denim skirts do make great choice. Loose sari pants when worn double fold or high waist can display the belly button and matched with yoga tanks. To appear super desi, one can stack mala beads around the wrist. 
  • Tribal Native Boho: Tribal handloom fabrics and prints created into patchwork skirts and shirts do make excellent comfortable shift dresses. Indigenous old textures are likely to add interest along with tapestry of colours. 
  • Greek Bohemian Chic: One can wear frilly white off shoulder much shorter than usual to mix hotness within that boho look. It can be secured at the midriff using beaten, wide leather belt. Chunky silver jewellery, warrior heels is sure to bring out the goddess within and appear gorgeous. 

Therefore, getting to know about boho dresses and style can help the person to shop for the desired items from the reputed stores and enhance style and grace.