When we talk about computers, the most common is that one of our priorities is focused on getting one that is as up-to-date as possible so...

Are antivirus programs really necessary today?

When we talk about computers, the most common is that one of our priorities is focused on getting one that is as up-to-date as possible so as to have the highest possible processing power. In this way we will achieve that all the software that we need, both for work and for leisure time , will work in the best possible way.

Leaving this aside, another of the sections that most concern us when we get to work or perform all kinds of tasks with the PC , is that related to security , more since a few years ago we made a good part of these tasks connected almost continuously to the Internet. And is that today we expose to the eyes of the Network all kinds of personal information , sometimes of a sensitive nature, so the fear that this can be intercepted or “stolen” from our hard drive by some cyber attack , is high.

To try to prevent our computer from being infected by any of the types of malware that are currently running on the Internet , we can always get hold of the popular specialized software in these cases, the well-known antivirus .( Do you know which one best suits your needs? Savenit has the best antivirus protection for you.) But now, at this point in which the “computer maturity” of many PC users is already becoming high, many of them wonder if the use of this type of security programs is really necessary to prevent our data they are in danger; I honestly, I have serious doubts about it.

It is clear that, when it comes to moving around the Internet and to avoid dislikes, you always have to be careful about the websites that we access, the links that we click on or the information that we download from sites that we could call “suspects” . And is that at this point, most users with certain knowledge, or even just have experience, they know perfectly when they are in portals of total confidence, or when they are accessing dangerous sites. No one will give us a Porsche Cayenne for clicking on a link or we will enter the draw for 100,000 euros for giving certain personal information, for example, we know that, or at least we should know, all.

The reliability of the antivirus, in the spotlight

But of course, if this type of cheating is still on the Net and we find it almost in a habitual way, it is because there are still many people who bite or download content to their computer that clearly has something strange. However, as I said, taking care and taking certain precautions, the use of antivirus , from my point of view, is unnecessary in most cases and for a large number of users. In addition to this we must add that we talk about programs that make a serious use of system resources , since they are almost constantly running in the background scanning everything we do, sending all kinds of warning messages , updates, advice, etc; the vast majority without any utility.

In addition, these types of products have a very short estimated life time, since new malicious codes do not stop appearing, so every so often they force us to update with new products, supposedly more powerful and effective and that increase the requirements they need of the system to work correctly.