Hair problems can be faced by anyone regardless of age or gender. Many hair problems like dandruff, itchy scalp, dry hair, hair fall, ...

Know About The Unpleasant Scalp Conditions Causing Dandruff

Hair problems can be faced by anyone regardless of age or gender. Many hair problems like dandruff, itchy scalp, dry hair, hair fall, etc are very commonly faced issue which can be subsided by following just simple ways at home. The main problem that is triggered by masses is the problem of “dandruff”. Over-styling hair, not shampooing well or on regular basis, bad eating habits, stress, etc all these can be the factors that can be the main cause for dandruff. There are many shampoos especially designed for curing dandruff like the ketonic anti-dandruff shampoo

What is dandruff- 

Dandruff is nothing but simple white flakes that appear on the scalp with a few hanging here and there on the hair too. These white flakes or dandruff can be sometimes very annoying as one might get trap into some awkward situation being embarrassed in the crowd. These white flakes may at times be itchy too. Thus, dandruff is an unpleasant skin condition.

What are the causes of dandruff- 

There is a special gland oil that is found on the scalp which is known as sebum. This oil is present to keep the scalp moisturized. But at times sebum breaks down causing irritated and inflamed scalp. This can be the root cause of white flakes on the scalp. There are many other factors too that can worsen the problem of dandruff-like-

• Oily skin- Some people may have red and greasy skin which is covered in flaky scales. This happens when the body areas like the scalp of the head is rich in oil glands that produce more moisture on the hair causing dandruff.

• Dry skin- It is not always necessary that the main cause of dandruff is seen only on oily scalp. This may be the condition in dry scalp as well. The flakes that are so seen on the scalp of dry skin are generally smaller and less oily.

• Pollution- As we all know that the surrounding near us are highly polluted where there exist many other substances like dust, chemicals, etc that are circulating in the air. These particles get stick to our hair too. They in turn affect the skin and cause irritation and allegoric reaction to the scalp. They might also cause dandruff.

• Highly toxic shampoos- Another cause of dandruff can also be the use of chemicals or toxins for washing the hair. There are many shampoos that are available in the market which have the composition of toxins. Thus, good dandruff shampoo for women must be used.

• Stress- Having long stress can cause a negative impact on any skin disorder or might worsen the problem of dandruff. In order to reduce the stress one must involve them in some stress relieving ways like meditation, exercise, etc. 

• Unhealthy diet- Eating habits also affect our scalp. Thus, dandruff can also be reduced if one starts taking more or diet that is rich in zinc, vitamin B and fats.
Dandruff is not contagious. It can be reduced to a great extent by just following simple remedies at home and keeping the scalp clean and healthy.