Want to experience something out of the ordinary at a familiar place? Something which will give you a bag full of memories at an affor...

Enjoy Goa at its best

Want to experience something out of the ordinary at a familiar place? Something which will give you a bag full of memories at an affordable price? Then this post can give you just all the information you need.
Wondering what kind of experience are we talking about? Well, let’s imagine being surrounded by colourful creations of nature, but not on land. What else is a better place? The ocean! Spend your weekend twirling around with the best of what the sea life can offer. Goa can be your go-to destination this weekend for a relaxing and rejuvenating getaway in the water. That’s right. Let’s take a look at the unseen side of Goa.
Goa reminds us of the standard beach days under shacks sipping on beer and enjoying the sunset. This weekend, along with soaking the sun and enjoying the view of the vast ocean, you can dive deeper. So, all the adrenaline junkies; here is a list of activities that’ll get you wet! (Well, pun intended).
Water World
Now would be the right time to plunge into the deep sea and witness the diverse living creatures we always saw on TV.  Goa presents the most affordable and best in class Scuba diving experience, which comes in different packages that vary in price, duration, and itinerary. Covering coaching time plus the time you can spend underwater, these offers at Goa is, undoubtedly, the right choice for nature lovers. Starting from fun packages for beginners, who do not know how to swim to enthusiasts who wish to be certified, Scuba diving in Goa cannot disappoint you. Experience the creation of nature from a whole other perspective.
Board Game
Not your usual board game with a minimum of four players around a table. Well, you could spend family time with such board games too, but if you are looking for some heart thumping experience, you could always pick up a surfboard and dance with the waves. Now, this is the board game we are talking about. Agonda beach would be the best place to start off.
Join the Elements
What if you could fly with water? Sounds funny? Jetlev flyer and Flyboarding will not. It will blow your mind how your childhood fantasies are becoming reality. In Goa, you can feel like a superhero, flying a Jetlev flyer. If you thought Parasailing was all, you were so wrong!
Mellow Down
If you don’t want to fly high and raise your heart beat too fast, there are a few activities that you can do which will keep you on the ground (or in water). One of the most peaceful activities with a slight twist would be the Banana Ride in Goa. Out of personal experience, it’s better when you don’t know what’s next. It’s just an innocent Banana ride… I could tell you don’t have to worry as there will be people around you to keep you from drowning. Speedboats and jet skis could also be an option to enjoy the waves.
Family Entertainment
Kayaking, yacht ride and Crab Catching packages will keep you and your family entertained throughout. You could also go on a short cruise to feel like a sailor. Dolphin spotting and Crocodile sighting are also fun activities enjoyed by kids and adults alike.
These are some of the best ways to enjoy your trip to Goa. Make sure to pack all your vacation essentials and waterproof sunscreen.